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Labour Minister initiates discussions to grant five thousand rupee allowance to private sector, too


Minister of Labour, Mr. Nimal Siripala De Silva says immediate steps will be taken to explore the possibility of granting the five thousand rupee allowance to private sector employees as well following the Cabinet Paper submitted by Minister of Finance Mr. Basil Rajapaksa to grant an allowance of five thousand rupees to all public sector employees.


The Labour Minister stated that the Cabinet Paper submitted by the Finance Minister has conferred powers on the Labour Minister to take necessary measures in consultation with employers to grant the five thousand rupee allowance to private sector employees, too. Accordingly, the Minister said he would initiate discussions immediately with the employers of the private sector.


The Minister noted that since the burden of the cost of living is felt equally by public sector employees as well as private sector employees and stressed that the employees of the private sector who make a massive contribution to the country’s economy, too should compulsorily be paid the five thousand rupee allowance. He said that the first round of discussion in this regard would be held on the 07, 10 and 11 of this month at the auditorium of the Labour Department.


According to the Minister, employers representing the apparel sector, plantation sector, small and medium scale entrepreneurs and employers of all segments covered by the Shop and Office Employees Act would be called for a cordial meeting to look into the possibility of paying the five thousand rupees to their employees.


The Secretary to the Ministry of Labour, Mr. M.P.D.U.K. Mapa Pathirana, Commissioner General of Labour Mr. Prabhath Chandrakeerthi and senior officials of the Ministry of Labour and the Department of Labour were present on the occasion.

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