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Jayagamu Sri Lanka Program – Kandy


The Kandy District Jayagamu Sri Lanka program kicked off today (01) at the Bogambara Stadium under the patronage of the Minister.

The Jayagamu Sri Lanka program was organized by the Ministry of Labour and Foreign Employment with the aim of bringing all the services provided by the institutes that come under the Ministry’s purview to the public doorstep.

Under this program, scholarships will be given to 208 children of migrant workers, school equipment will be provided to 504 school students, and Sathosa vouchers worth Rs. 10,000/= will be given to 150 families of migrant workers.

Additionally, with the aim of providing assistance to 25 returned migrant workers engaged in self-employed business activities, Rs 25,000/= will be donated to each. Meanwhile, financial assistance of Rs 50,000/= will be provided to five returned migrant workers who have successfully started businesses, and one wheelchair and 37 spectacles for disabled emigrant workers will be distributed.

Arrangements have also been made to provide 20 Smart Boards to establish smart classrooms in schools in the Kandy district where the children of migrant workers are educated.

In addition to this, NVQ certificates will also be given under the “Garusaru” program, which was started to provide professional dignity and security to people working in the informal sector in Sri Lanka.

On the second day of this program, the Smart You Club will be established with the aim of providing vocational training opportunities to 10,000 youth throughout the island with the support of the Presidential Secretariat.

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