Decent Work Country Programme (DWCP)


Decent work country program provides a framework for the integration of International Labour Organization’s contribution to national development initiatives and promotion of decent work in the wider development and poverty alleviation context. This program outlines the policy direction, stratergies and anticipated results through prioritized areas of work which will contribute to Decent Work for all, thus ensuring no one left behind. The DWCP enjoys the agreement of employers, workers and government.


The areas of work prioritized by the constitution for DWCP consist of three country priorities and these are creation of sustainable, inclusive and decent employment; better governance of the labour market and rights at work for all. Accompanying these three country priorities are eight country programme outcomes. Greater data and knowledge generation is taken as an enabling priority serving the achievement of all three country priorities and eight outcomes. However, at present a process has been initiated to re-visit the priorities identified in the DWCP and re-align these priorities taking into account the new national development policy framework “Vistas of Prosperity and Splendor” and other sectorial policies. Further, impact of Covid 19 situation on employment and workers will also be taken into account.