Ampara Circuit Bungalow

We are pleased to announce that the newly constructed Circuit Bungalow of the Ministry of Labour and Foreign Employment is open to the staff of the Ministry of Labour and Foreign Employment as well as to those of you who work in Government / Semi-Government Institutions.

Located in the heart of Ampara, the Circuit Bungalow has all the amenities you need to spend your vacation. Our Ministry has created this circuit bungalow with the intention of giving you the opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and enjoy a fun life. This bungalow with 02 floors and 06 rooms is located in a free and beautiful environment and can be booked at a very low welfare price.

Digamadulla is a city of religious, archaeological, historical and ecological beauty. Many places that have attracted many local and foreign tourists can be easily reached from the circuit bungalow.

Places of historical value such as Deeghawapiya, Buddhangala Thapovanaya, Rajagala, Kudumbigala Forest can be reached without any hassle by paying a very short distance from this place.

Application and details for booking Ampara Tourist Home are given below. Please email us the duly completed bungalow booking application to info@

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