Place to visit from the Circuit Bungalow.


PlaceDistance From the Circuit Bungalow


Digawapiya Sacred area19
Gal oya20
Arugam bay,Pothuwil,Panama80
Maduru oya85

Deeghawapiya Sacred Area

Distance from the Circuit Bungalow – 19 km

Dighavapiya, also known as Dighangha or Dighanaka in the chronicles, is a Buddhist shrine of archaeological value with a history dating back to the 3rd century BC. According to the Mahavamsa, the Buddha visited Dighavapi and later built a pagoda at the place where he

Buddhangala Monastery

Distance from the Circuit Bungalow – 8.2 km

Buddhangala monastery complex is a sacred place with a history of more than 2300 years and is located in an area of ​​about 1280 acres near the city of Ampara.
The boulders that stretch north from the site of the sacred ruins can be considered as the only parts here. During the rainy season, this place is a terrifying forest that stretches for thousands of acres. Hundreds of wild elephants and elephants can be spotted, but it is amazing that none of them are harmful. The relics of Gautama Buddha and two of his forefathers, Arahant Sariyut and Arahant Mughal, are enshrined in the sthupa, which is built on a 500 feet high stone head in the monastery.
These sacred relics and the relics of Agrasrawaka, which were brought from Dambadiva Vidyasa by Arahant Mahinda, are kept in a copper casket modeled on the Sanchi Stupa and are, treasured here which was the only Vatadage in Ruhuna at that time.


Distance from the Circuit Bungalow – 28 km

Rajagala / Rajagalatenna / Rassagala is a forested ridge at an elevation of 1038 ft (316 m) above sea level, with a rich range of historical ruins. It is said that this archeological site which is spread over more than 600 ancient ruins and spreads over an area of ​​1080 acres is second only to the Mihintale Archaeological site in Anuradhapura.
Although the early history of this place is not certain, it dates back to BC. It is believed that monks have been living here since about the 1st century due to the discovery of stone inscriptions. However, an inscription states that the history of this country dates back to the pre-Buddhist period. It is said that Arahant Mahinda who brought Buddhism to Ceylon came to Rajagalatenna Vihara.

Kudumbigala Monastery

Distance from the Circuit Bungalow – 110 km

Kudumbigala monastery complex is located in the village of Panama in the Panama Divisional Secretariat. This place is located on the road from Panama to Ruhuna National Park. This area is made up of large rocks and boulders and is located in the middle of a dense forest. Large dripstones are found in the caves, and some are dated to the 6th century BC Brahminical inscriptions belonging to the period can be seen. On some of the rocks are the remains of buildings and the remains of two pagodas left on the large rock Kudumbigala.

Gal Oya

Distance from the Circuit Bungalow – 20km

Inginiyagala, Degalawala, Danigala and Ulhela mountain ranges are located around the Gal Oya National Park which has been established as a water catchment area in the Senanayake Samudraya. The specialty of Gal Oya National Park is that 19250 acres of the entire park belongs to Gal Oya Reservoir or Senanayake Samudraya Reservoir. Therefore, this can also be called an aquatic park. The water capacity of the Senanayake Samudraya is 770,000 acre feet.
The 3600 feet long reservoir dam joins the Inginiyagala mountain range. There are three scenic islands in the reservoir. Gal Oya National Park features savannah grasslands as well as arid zone forests, making it an ideal place for wildlife photography.

Arugambay, Pottuvil, Panama

Distance from the Circuit Bungalow – 80km

Arugambay is a bay on the southeastern coast of Sri Lanka, bordering the arid Indian Ocean. Traditionally, the fishing industry has dominated the local economy, and the tourism industry has grown rapidly in recent years. Arugambay is a valuable local surfing destination and home to some of Sri Lanka’s most prolific surfers.


Distance from Circuit Bungalow – 80 km, From Pottuvil – 15 km

Magulmaha Viharaya, Nilagiriseya, Lahugalakotawehera, Lahugalakirivehera are some of the places of worship and ruins of archeological value.

Maduru Oya

Distance from the Circuit Bungalow – 85

Maduruoya National Park is one of the largest wild elephant sanctuaries in Sri Lanka and is located on one of the main elephant migration routes in the Mahaweli region. There are many tourist attractions in this area, including the historic sluice of the Maduru Oya Reservoir, which has amazed even foreign irrigation engineers.