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Arbitrators delaying arbitration process to be strictly dealt with


Labour Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva says that the Industrial Disputes Act, No. 43 of 1950 is expected to be amended soon enabling legal action to be initiated under the Public Property Act against arbitrators who delay the arbitration process by keeping the files on the arbitration process associated with industrial disputes in their possession over a long period of time.


The Minister made this comment at a recent function held at the Labour Department with the participation of Labour Officers.


The Labour Minister voiced his strong displeasure over the conduct of arbitrators involved in the arbitration of industrial disputes.


Observing that the arbitration process is used to resolve various problematic situations that arise between workers and employers, the Minister pointed out that if justice was to be delivered to the working people through arbitration, the process had to be completed promptly. He noted that a grave injustice had been caused to workers as a result of some arbitrators keeping the files relevant to the arbitration process in their custody for lengthy periods without completing the process.


He further pointed out that some arbitrators are deliberately delaying the arbitration process and some other delay the delivery of the final ruling relevant to the arbitration.