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நீங்கள் இங்கே உள்ளீர்கள்:  முகப்பு மனிதவலு மற்றும் வேலைவாய்ப்பு திணைக்களம்
Department of Manpower and Employment


Department of Manpower and Employment has been established with effect from 01st  January 2010 for the accomplishment of the objective of producing strong professionals for the development of the entire human resource of the Country by the Gazette (Extraordinary) No.1640/31 dated 02nd February 2010.

Scope of Performing Duties

The Department anticipates performing the following functions,

  • Formulation and implementation of the National Manpower and Employment Policy.
  • Job designing and promotional activities.
  • Provision of Career Guidance.
  • Collection, Analysis and Dissemination of information of the Labor Market.
  • To operate all the functions performed by “Jobsnet (pvt) Ltd” earlier as the Public Employment Service (PES).

Accordingly, the Department performs a considerable number of functions such as provision of required career guidance, provision of opportunity, provision of ways and means, motivating job seekers to get various employments, capacity development, implementation of small scale loan programs, meeting employers in the field of employment opportunities and job seekers, collection, analysis and provision of information on labour market as and when necessary in order to accomplish the requirements of their professions in a way that it is possible to add a highly remarkable and a useful value through the identification of the above positive attributes which are approachable for the relevant personnel through strengths and capabilities of the Human Resource.

Strategic Orientation


“A World class Sri Lankan Labour Force.”


“Development of a Globally Competitive and active labour force with extensive competencies and utilization of the full potential of our human resources for the Socio – economic development of Sri Lanka.”

Path of the Department
The Department which had been established in the year 2010 has already rendered a great service by making arrangements to provide employment opportunities in the private sector for the unemployed youth in order to strengthen the economy of the country through the provision of benefits for a significant number of beneficiaries using a considerable number of programs implemented in relation to the Career Guidance and the promotion of job designing.
Long term Targets

Production of a Labour force which is capable of complying with the global situations of competition and challenges is the fundamental responsibility of this Department. Accordingly, the long term targets of the Department which has formulated its vision as “World Class Sri Lankan Labour Force” can be classified as follows.

  • Building a Sri Lankan Labour Force which is globally competitive, competent with multifaceted skills.
  • Implementation of various activities for minimizing the unemployment.
  • Development of an organized perfect Labour Market Information System.
Objectives of the Department

The above targets can be accomplished only through the achievement of the following objectives.

  • The formulation of the National Manpower Policy and the implementation of the Policy and the related programs.
  • Provision of solutions to the structural issue of the unemployment introduced as the inconsistency of skills.
  • Facilitation of Sri Lankans who are included in the labour force currently available and the Sri Lankans who are willing to join the labour markets in the future in the determination of the accurate professional orientation.
  • Planning, development and prediction of manpower.
  • Development of the informal sector.
  • Motivation of job seekers for obtaining employments in the Private Sector.
  • Provision of free Public Employment Service.
  • Provision of manpower and employment related facilities to vulnerable groups, differently disabled persons and people living in under developed areas.
  • Provision of accurate local and international information on labour market to all the Sri Lankans.
  • Prediction of local and global labour market trends.

Likely, various programs are being implemented by the Department utilizing its human resources for the accomplishment of the task of hospitality for the minimization of the unemployment and creation of better employment opportunities.

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